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Healthcare economics expert, author and speaker Dr. Josh Luke reveals forces shifting our lives; spurs leaders to tackle change

Today change is fast-paced and unrelenting. Author and speaker Dr. Josh Luke, a USC professor who became a hospital CEO at age 32, energizes audiences to tackle changes of all kinds by keeping an eye on the future and “where the ball is going to land.”

As author of the new book Ex-Acute: A former hospital CEO tells all on what’s wrong with American healthcare, What every American needs to know, Dr. Luke helps us navigate the new landscape of value-based care. He has made a name as a national thought leader, futurist and electrifying speaker inspiring audiences to succeed through all kinds of change. He does it through personal storytelling on topics such as caring for aging parents and young children, facing the Alzheimer’s epidemic and revealing how capitalism drives healthcare for consumers.

When the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, was enacted, Dr. Luke began alerting healthcare administrators that it would completely transform how they do business. Few listened – at first. Now, hospitals find themselves being paid not based on the number of patients in beds or procedures performed, but instead on the value of the care they provide. The law has forced hospitals and medical providers to assume more risk and basically act as insurers. Dr. Luke can explain why this will continue to be the case no matter who wins the 2016 election.

Dr. Luke was once on track for a career in sports marketing (his brother Matt Luke played for the Dodgers, Yankees and other major league baseball teams in the late 1990s) after earning a master’s degree in communications two decades ago. But he switched careers to go into healthcare management after being unsatisfied with the perfunctory and fragmented care his beloved grandmother received in the last years of her life.

“I’m so passionate about this because it’s personal,” he says. “I came into this industry because my grandma was struggling and I didn’t understand it and I wanted to make a difference.”

Dr. Luke worked 15 years in healthcare administration, including a decade as a hospital CEO and as an administrator in skilled nursing, acute care, home healthcare and hospice care. Through his insider’s knowledge, he guides consumers – from parents of young children to adult children of aging parents – how to best navigate the system.

Like a good medical doctor, Dr. Luke delivers straight talk with compassion. And like the best public advocates, he does it fairly, without pulling punches.

“I’m not protecting anybody in this process – not physicians, not hospitals, not nursing homes,” he says. “They all equally get exposed by me because I’m transparent and I just tell it how it is.”

Dr. Luke's background thrust him to the forefront of the industry as the leading executive expert on hospital readmission prevention, a key component of ObamaCare as evidenced by Luke's best-selling book in 2015 titled Readmission Prevention: Solutions Across the Provider Continuum.

Sometimes his role as a consumer advocate has ruffled powerful feathers. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) published Readmission Prevention, but suggested he self-publish Ex-Acute in an effort to avoid upsetting member executives and doctors who might be offended by the revealing content.

"Their team of editors and executive members reviewed my second book and I was advise they all loved it, but they followed up by saying, 'There's no way we can publish this because you’re too transparent, but we think you should go mainstream with it.’ They also said, ‘The physicians that reviewed it were somewhat offended by some of the content, but they both said they would buy it because everything in there is credible.’”

Dr. Luke is a vocal advocate for seniors and people with Alzheimer’s disease (the affliction hit his mother and both grandmothers).

“In 2010, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and I realized later I had been angry for some time because I felt she was too young,” he says. “Last year, I realized being angry isn’t going to solve any problems… that I need to do something. That’s when I decided to raise money for Alzheimer’s.”

As a healthcare strategist and consultant, Dr. Luke was contracted by the Chinese government to consult on building a hospital and senior living campus to reflect what he sees as the ultimate outcome of U.S. healthcare reform. He has designed coursework on healthcare policy for USC and ACHE and has spoken two years in a row at ACHE's World Congress, the granddaddy of all annual healthcare conferences attended by thousands each year in Chicago. He can speak on topics related to change across healthcare, the economy, and society, including:

* The fee for service reimbursement model, which Dr. Luke has notoriously nicknamed “the fee for service free for all"
* The Quota-Based Physician: Forget About Your Health, It’s About Your Doctor’s Income
* The ACA and the End of the Golden Age of Hospital Profitability
* A Mother’s Guide to Accessing Quality Care for Her Family in a Managed Care World
* Why Your Family’s Health Care Costs Will Continue to Increase
* Caring for Aging Parents and Selecting a Senior Facility
* Millennial Culture: Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles
* Why the election won't drive down healthcare costs, regardless of who wins

Dr. Luke and his wife Martine have been married 18 years and live in Yorba Linda, Calif., with their three children.

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PRESS RELEASE (July, 2016): New Book Tells What’s Wrong with American Healthcare

For more information, visit www.JoshLuke.org.

To request an interview, contact Dr. Luke’s publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson at (828) 749-3200 or Michelle@WasabiPublicity.com.
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